Meet the Herd at Bending Birch Farm


Bending Birch Farm is a working goat farm in Limington, Maine that raises Nigerian Dwarf goats and produces handcrafted goat milk products like soap, cheese, fudge, and yogurt. All our products are made with love on-site with the help of our beautiful herd.

Our Girls came to us as a complete herd. We purchased them from Creeping Thyme Farm whose owners, Tim and Marie Clements, were retiring. It was exciting to them (and us) that the herd would be able to stay together. I was fortunate enough to spend a morning each week throughout a summer being mentored by Marie and Tim - learning to milk, care for the herd, and make all the goat milk products. The girls also had a chance to become familiar with me.

These goats, like most, love routine. They like to be milked in the same order every morning. As I walk in the barn early in the morning, Betty greets me with a loud bleet. She is the herd Queen and therefore is the first to be milked. They each come to the milking room door when I call their names in the familiar order. Oh yes, they all know their names and they all have distinct personalities. Nigerians are very intelligent animals. These girls also get a snack after their milking session is over. They walk down the milking stand stairs and look at me waiting for their banana. They all love bananas, peel and all! I enjoy the morning routine with my girls and hope you'll visit the farm to meet and enjoy them too.

Below are a few of the goats who call Bending Birch Farm home. 

The herd poses for a photo opportunity



The name tells her story. Drama tends to be very dramatic. She is, however, sweet and loving.  She had five kids this season and successfully nursed them all!  Drama is daughter to the well-known NC Promised land Diva. Her sire is Old Mountain Farm Party Animal.  She is my best-behaved girl on the milk stand and a real snuggler! 


Betty is Boss! She’s not afraid to let you know when she doesn’t like something. She and Whoa are litter sisters and can be seen together most of the time.  Betty is a top milk producer. 

Whoa Black Betty, Bam-ba-lam!



Betty’s side-kick sister. Lovely girl. We did not breed Whoa this year but are looking forward to breeding her in the fall…She is a gorgeous goat. She and Betty are daughters of the famous NC Promised Land Diva, so we know the genetics will be awesome!



Our Doll is a miracle goat. She had major medical issues during kidding season this past spring including a trip to the emergency vet. Chances were less than 50% that she would survive but she pulled through like a champ and successfully nursed her baby girl to health. Although she will not be able to breed again, we are retaining this miracle mom and her baby Nellie! She too is a Diva daughter.

Diva Deux

Deux is so named as she is the granddaughter of NC Promised Land Diva and looks almost identical to her. Betty is her mom. Deux successfully nursed 4 beautiful kids this year, one of which we retained (Penelope). She is a curious goat and also quite the food hound!


Louise is Drama’s daughter. When she first came to us we couldn’t even get near her she was so skittish. Now she welcomes her neck massages and cuddles. Louise is a first freshener with two doelings. She is a great mom and a very sweet girl. 


MaryAnn & Ginger

MaryAnn (left) is Doll's yearling daughter. She was not bred last season. We look forward to breeding her.  She’s timid but gentle. Ginger (right) is Holly’s feisty yearling daughter who also was not bred last season. We look forward to breeding her in the fall. 


Holly is a wonderful, protective mom and a sweet goat. She is small in stature but big in personality! 

Penelope Nigerian Dwarf goat

Deux’s Baby Penelope

Gorgeous doeling and super friendly. High hopes for the genetics in this beauty. Here she is caught in the act of eating our perennials!


Doll’s Baby Nellie

Miracle Nellie! Love everything about this sweet girl; also from awesome genetics. On the right is Drama's sweet baby boy (wethered) and for sale.